The Legend of the Golden Robot

February 26th, 2011 Games Tags: , , , , ,

This game actually started development before Toxers but I didn’t get involved in the project until later. RobotJAM had started the game himself but it was too big a project for one person really so I stepped in to help out.

The basic idea of the game is an RPG where you play as an Indiana Jones style treasure hunter, Indigo Steve. The gameplay consists of fighting enemies and digging up treasures using a similar system to the classic minesweeper game. There’s also an inn where you can play mini-games, a shop where you can buy better gear, and a levelling up system so that you can improve your stats.

Fighting is turn based and we tried to keep it simple while still maintaining an element of strategy. To mix things up a bit we put some ‘special items’ in that can only be found by digging them up which have different effects. We also put some buddies in which are little animals that fight for you, giving you a bonus effect. Buddies can be found fighting for mini bosses so you have to defeat them before they will join your cause.

The Golden Robot will join your side if you can find him and is the only way to defeat the evil wizard. He has been dismantled and is buried in five pieces.

I hope you enjoy playing!

If you want to find out more about how we made Golden Robot then there’s a lovely article all about it here.

25 Responses to “The Legend of the Golden Robot”

  • NWA-Kar [ 26Feb11]

    Hey. Dont know if its an intentional bug, but when you equip the Winged Shoes, you gain 20 speed per day. Cant say if its when you use them or not they gives it, but I ended up with some 800 in speed by the end. Awesome game, and good job :)


  • Rob [ 26Feb11]

    Thanks for the report Simon. That’s not intentional and I’ll look into fixing it. Glad you enjoyed the game though.

  • David [ 28Feb11]

    Well I was gonna tell ya the same thing but Simon beet me to it. Still it was a great game. Had a lot of fun playing it

  • Rob [ 28Feb11]

    Thanks guys, that should be fixed now.

  • Joshua Davis [ 01Mar11]

    I absolutely love this game. Excellent game-play, very detailed and in-depth. Great job!!

  • h.fefone [ 05Mar11]

    dig site 12. found last treasure. hourglass.
    screen does not change. i am still in te dig site 12 and i can go on digging and fighting. hours 27 / 24.

    it is the second time .. there is no way to save the game.. I will not start over again

    nice game anyhow

  • Rob [ 05Mar11]

    Sorry about this bug, not sure what’s causing that. The game does auto-save at the end of every day though so you should be able to refresh and keep playing.

  • h.fefone [ 05Mar11]

    great! the autosave! and I have been lucky with timing since I am in Italy! :)

  • Chase [ 15Mar11]

    People don’t want to watch commercials every time they try to play a game. Sorry, they just don’t.

  • Rob [ 15Mar11]

    Hi Chase,

    I agree, in game ads aren’t necessarily ideal. But game developers have to be able to make money or else they won’t make games. The alternative is to charge for the game and nobody wants that so to keep the games free you have to watch an ad for ten seconds before a game. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  • Ry [ 16Mar11]

    Hi I just started playing on armorgames using Firefox, I can’t seem to buy anything from Dodgy Pete’s shop, his message box simply says “Unknown”

  • Rob [ 16Mar11]

    Sounds like you either don’t have enough money to buy the items or you aren’t a high enough level yet to have unlocked them (win fights against monsters to gain xp and level up).

  • Kata [ 16Mar11]

    Hi there, really great game. So much high quality content – the minigames alone are well polished and enjoyable.

    I just finished the game. I encountered two major bugs. One killed a savegame midway to the end – the explore button was dead.

    Another bug was dying in a round, where i found the robot and got the lightsabre – i escaped death, and then i got the robot, but the sabre was gone – and as i had found chest and key before, there was no way to get it again.

    Keep up the good work!

  • angelo [ 04Jun11]

    Este é o melhor jogo que tem no mundo ganhar o sabre de luz o robo de ouro é tudo muito facil até vencer o chefão mas você tem que botar seus pontos somente em vida e atack para vencer

  • silenotunce [ 30Jun11]

    Just a few things. Love the game. I had a few bugs come up though after dying. At one point I killed the minotaur and obtained a new buddy. Later on in that area I was killed. When I came back the buddy was no longer in my inventory and the minotaur never reappeared.

    Something similar also happened at the end. The first time that I fought the wizard I lost. When I returned I no longer had the light saber but I had the items required to make it. So I took him out with excalibur, which was easier anyway.

    Just thought you would like to know.

  • CombatSportsNews [ 01Aug11]

    Awesome game. Any chance you will make a sequel?

  • Mark [ 15Aug11]

    Wicked game, loved it. Played lots of your games and the artwork and gameplay is the best. Hope to see more of yours games.

  • Ben Finder [ 20Oct11]

    Hello, I got pretty far, and I got the lightsaber. But then, I died, and the saber disappeared!!! How do I get it back? P.S. When I look at my treasures, I still have the key and the chest.

  • TehRater [ 09Nov11]

    Very fun game, polished, no bugs encountered, except that the “auto save” doesn’t save. I have closed the window with the game open, come back to it a day after and had to start all over again. It has happened twice now, and the only reason that it hasn’t happened anymore is because i keep the window open and don’t close it. A very big turnoff towards such a great game.

  • dj :D [ 31Dec11]

    nofin to be sure but rob youre we site is cool i minte be on this evry day i like it some stuff yeah cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wiserman [ 29Jan12]

    Great game!

    As some others have mentioned, I found a buddy, but died before that day had passed. So, when I went back, I didn’t have the buddy in my inventory, and I couldn’t fight the goblin ninja again to gain the buddy back.

  • red eye [ 08Mar12]

    i like this game

  • Jimmy Dean [ 11Dec12]

    Fun game but locked up and did not save (I never got very far anyway). Aside from those two minor things great detail and I love shove!

  • Dexter [ 28Aug14]

    Great game, good job!

  • daniel james [ 02Dec17]

    i think that you should make MORE game because the are AWSOME rob so keep up the good work and fix any bugs that i find in legend of the golden robot and other games… so i need you to work on them i really like this game


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