The Dreamerz

The Dreamerz is another collaboration with my artist friend robotJAM. It’s another point-and-click game but there’s not a Panda in sight this time. The concept for this game was actually dreamed up (see what I did there) before we made Panda’s BIGGER Adventure. I came across a game that I really liked, The Blue Beanie, and got in touch with its creator, asking if she’d like to do a collaboration.

I put together an idea for a game that I thought would go well with her style of art. Unfortunately it didn’t work out because she was unable to commit enough time to the project but I didn’t want to just ditch it completely because I really liked the concept of the game. I considered attempting to do the art myself but luckily I decided to see if Rob wanted to get on board first. He did a far better job than I ever could have done on the art and helped shape the game into what it is now.

I think we got the formula near enough spot on with this one with a lot people saying that they thought it was the perfect length and difficulty for a Flash game which is always nice to hear. It’s not too challenging but there is enough of a challenge to keep it engaging throughout and the puzzles are all (more or less) logical. We were also lucky enough to get a great sound designer, Reade McCardell, to work on the game. He put together all the sounds which add a lot of atmosphere to the planets. Check out his band here: Fresh Cut Salads.

It has been the highest rated game I’ve made to date, getting scores over 4 stars on Kongregate and Newgrounds, a really great result. It was also reviewed very favourably by JayIsGames, a site that reviews Flash games and that has reviewed several of my games in the past.

But it’s the great comments that players leave that make the business of making Flash games so rewarding. Several players likened the game to Myst and Samorost which was just fantastic since those are great games.

There were of course a few negative comments (you can’t please everyone!), most of them being about the fact that the sound puzzle was too challenging. That was probably the bit that I was least confident about before release since I was worried that people would find it tricky but I still like it and am glad that it stayed in the game.

7 Responses to “The Dreamerz”

  • Victoria [ 24Sep10]

    Amazing game, can’t wait for the next! :-P

  • Dick [ 05Nov10]

    It took me about the length of a modern feature film to get it completed. But the experience was far better than a film. Watching a film you sit back to be entertained, but here you engage your mind. What a great game.

  • steven [ 01Mar11]

    just not my type of game…

  • MrPitch [ 05Aug11]

    Great game! I was wondering if you based the game on “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry because it is very similar to it.
    I played Synapsis 2 before that and I found this game to be harder. Both games are great but I liked Synapsis 2 more (it reminded me of Myst). I think I’m going to try the first Synapsis later on.
    Good luck and keep up the good work!

  • fillthebilll [ 27Aug12]

    Awesome game. Ive played it over and over all day. I THOUGHT IT WAS KINDA HARD THOUGH.


  • fragger24 [ 08Nov12]

    ikr.this game is really hard.i played it a few weeks ago and i gave up in like 5 gonna see if i have better luck now

  • Tom [ 23Jan13]

    I made it through okay, but after I got all but one orb I went planet to planet for a while, couldn’t figure out the one on the life planet! I had to look at the walkthrough! 8.5/10


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