The Adventures of Red

May 24th, 2011 Games Tags: , , , , , ,

This is the first game that I have made with my brother, John. It’s a point and click adventure about a small yellow explorer called Red and his quest to find a chocolate muffin.

This game came to life in the first place because we wanted to make a game that we could share the coding work on. With John just starting out we thought it would be a good idea for me to build the main framework of the game but still allow him to do some of the code. That led to the idea of having a selection of mini puzzles that you solve one after the other.

We ended up working in a more traditional artist/coder relationship with John doing all the art (although he did code several of the rooms as well). I don’t feel that it’s very practical to have more than one coder on a small flash game such as this but in this case I think that it influenced the design of the game in a positive way. Choosing to make a game with mini puzzles led us to the idea of the castle which turned it from a collection of puzzles into a full adventure.

That in turn meant that we could add a main character to the game. Initially ‘Red’ was called ‘Pico’ (a name that I still kind of prefer I think) but we discovered that Pico was already a popular game character so we decided to change his name. I do like that we called him Red (yes, I am aware that he’s yellow!) and it’s fun seeing some of the comments appearing about his name.

Update: John now has his own website to showcase his games:

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  • Kathryn [ 25May11]

    this was truly an awesome, well thought out game with great puzzles. i’m already hoping for more! :P

  • Splitworlds [ 26May11]

    I love this game,
    The music is awesome and the puzzles are good
    so please can you give me the names of the songs of Jon Sayles you use in the game. (there are so many songs on his site)
    thanks a lot!!!
    PS: excuse my english I am French

  • Rob [ 27May11]

    Thanks for the kind comments guys :)

    Splitworlds, the songs used in the game were ‘Flow my tears’ and one other that I’m afraid I can’t remember right now. I’ll find out for you in the morning.

  • Rob [ 27May11]

    Splitworlds, this was the other song:

  • Torgny [ 28May11]

    Fun game !

    Release that I have played many of your game, all of them great. Keep doing great games.

    Said to say:
    I have found a bug. After struggling with the room wit the two “suns” with the rings I gave up and closed the game for a while. When I restarted it and “Continued” and solving the “suns” I don’t get any key. I’m stuck. I got a yellow key but on the map, I need a blue key.
    Can send u pictures if u want and if it help u to understand the bug (or u can tell me Im a bad gamer :-D )

  • Frozeni [ 28May11]

    The game was great, series of amazing puzzles tied together with simple storyline. Definitely goes to my favorite games.

    The puzzles were especially good because, if you thought about it for a while the answer would come naturally, not much need for a walkthrough, even though i used it in some spots.

    The music is good, blends in nicely with the background and isnt too noticable.. it wasnt disturbing me with thinking at any point and felt kind of calming as well.

    Only actual “bug” or such, i found in the level where you’re supposed to fill the bucket with sand. If you look closely to the wall, it shows bucket with 20 sand = 2 rocks.. which led me to different outcome (26 instead 6).

    Overall this was one of the best puzzle games i’ve played, not too hard or too easy.. just in the golden line where it doesnt frustrate to go on but neither bores you… well made indeed.

    So yeah, thanks for making this nice lil’ game =)

  • Splitworlds [ 30May11]

    thanks for the name’s songs.
    cool game,
    continuez comme sa!!!

  • april [ 30May11]

    i need help because this game is hart to play help me please on the flag

  • Frozeni [ 30May11]

    april, press the “walkthrough” button, it will bring up a video where you can see the different levels… but i suggest thinking for a nice while 1st ;)

  • figge [ 02Jun11]

    i´m stuck on the room with alll shields that you shall make a pear.

  • Steph [ 03Jun11]

    I played your game yesterday and recommended it to my friend as well. Just like how the setup of the game allowed you and your brother to work on it together, it was the perfect game to play with friends so we could help each other out. The artwork is cute and the concept of the story is funny and original. I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be rude not to leave a comment to let you know how much I liked it. Great work and keep it up!

  • Rob [ 03Jun11]

    Thanks Steph, really nice of you to leave us such a lovely comment. Very glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the game enough to recommend it to people.

  • kids games [ 04Jun11]

    Do you sell site locked versions of your games? I started up a kids game website recently for the elementary students I teach technology to and started to put this game on the site, but noticed that cpmstar has some really inappropriate ads like the one for caesary with a half naked lady and the tagline “Are you Mature Enough to Play?” Obviously I had to take it down. I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price for an adfree version to put on the site. I think the kids would really get a kick out of this game and challenge their logical thinking skills to boot.

  • Rob [ 05Jun11]

    Thanks for getting in touch, I’ll send you an email.

  • Wendy [ 08Jun11]

    I LOVED this game! I really enjoyed the puzzles, and even got stumped in a couple places (which I consider a good sign). I’d love to see more like it.

    On that note, I used the walkthrough, but I’d love to know how 2 different rooms worked:

    1. the number wheel that you’re supposed to mix. no matter how i mixed up the letters i never got 1009. can anyone tell me how the clue works for that?

    2. the “your monk shield” thing with the runes. (look elvish? hebrew?) i got two right, but couldn’t figure that out either. would really appreciate an explanation.

    Thanks so much!

  • Rob [ 08Jun11]

    Hi Wendy, glad you liked the game!

    The MIX puzzle you got the clues the wrong way around. The MIX part gives you the numbers and the Romanes Eunt Domus is the clue – they’re Roman numerals.

    For yore, monk and shield each runic word corresponds to one of the English words. You can work out which one is which (shield is the 5 letter one, then use the symbol for E in shield to find which one is yore). Then you need to work out which runic letters spell ‘KEY’ and input those at the bottom to get the key.

  • george [ 17Jun11]

    Hi, We wanted to publish this great game on our portals, but I noticed that there is a CPM ad in your game. Company policy forbids us to upload games with mochi/cpm ads. So I was wondering if it is possible to get a version without ads?
    For more info please contact me.

  • OberonOrion [ 28Jun11]

    I really loved the Adventures of Red game ^_^ It was great and I hope you make more of them!!! John S. did a really good job on the music.

  • abby [ 07Jul11]

    i hate this game !!!! i got stuck on the first ten minutes!

  • Ann Kittenplan [ 23Jul11]

    Thanks! Very enjoyable. On the Tower of Hanoi I found the discs didn’t move as I thought they would. I think I tried to drag them and you had to click on a specific part of the pole.
    The last puzzle was hard(!) and tbh I got it by (fairly) random clicking.
    But like I said very enjoyable.

  • ashley [ 15Nov11]


  • hannah [ 24Feb12]

    Which dimond goes first? help fast please

  • hannah [ 29Feb12]


  • mtheawesomegirl [ 05Jan13]

    Help on the
    (or I call the R.E.D.) level. I really REALLY don’t get it. I think it was roman numerals, but I’m not sure.

  • mtheawesomegirl [ 05Jan13]

    Ohhh, its 1009 pala. Womp womp wooooooooooomp! (sorry, I’m from asia)

  • FireFox [ 18May13]

    Je voudrai savoir quel que chose

  • firesparkz [ 08Mar17]



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