Synapsis 2

July 26th, 2011 Games Tags: , , , ,

Ready for something strange? Enter the world of David Carter. A world where nothing really makes sense and yet everything is logical. Welcome to Synapsis 2, a point and click adventure collaboration between robotJAM and myself.

This is really robotJAM’s game since I had nothing to with the first Synapsis and the concept is all his but I was very happy to be invited to work with him on this, having collaborated on a number of other point and click games in the past (The Dreamerz, Panda’s BIG Adventure, Panda’s BIGGER Adventure).

We planned out the whole game beforehand, coming up with a number of themed rooms and a bunch of puzzles to go with them. It was pretty fun getting creative on this one. Then I left robotJAM to get on with the art so that I would have something to work with when it came to doing the code. The art is definitely what stands out in this game and I hope you’ll agree that Rob did a fantastic job. That combined with the eerie music and sound effects make this a very surreal and atmospheric experience.

Code-wise the game didn’t present too many challenges so once the art was more or less in I was able to go through and hook it all up and turn it into a playable game. My favourite part is the wibbly effect on the doors (made possible thanks to a great class that I found here).

Good luck, have fun, and be sure to let me know how you get on in the comments. Oh, and if you want to play the first game then you can find it here: Synapsis

P.s. Some little known trivia: the weird looking eye in the tv in the hub room that looks around creepily is a video of robotJAM’s eye.

4 Responses to “Synapsis 2”

  • Drifter [ 04Aug11]

    The biggest problem with the completion of this puzzle, was recognizing that blog* wasn’t a misspelled reference to blog, I can be thick skull (the recognition of the other scrawls was immediate.
    Enhancing / sharpening the concentric circles from the manual’s background didn’t help with other concentrics (why does the herring have to be red?). You also failed to put a space between the punctuation and David in the binary. (Need to install some better OCR software.)

    Not a bad little puzzle.
    The enigma machine wasn’t straight substitution as portrayed.

  • judiemichael [ 10Nov11]

    i like this game

  • Aditya [ 01Jun12]

    Definitely the last type of game i thought i would ever play, but sheer curiosity got the best of me . nice work . had to go through the walk through to get through ofcourse .

  • Tboy [ 23Oct16]

    Really fun, probably my favorite flash game, awesome Imagery. I just love the atmosphere it has, its pretty great.


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