Salmon Survival

September 21st, 2010 Games Tags: , , , , ,

Salmon Survival was only the second game that I made and once again it was a pretty poor effort. By this time my dad, Richard Donkin, a journalist who often writes about a fishing, had become interested in the potential of making games and suggested I make a fish themed one for his website. I was a fan of the classic Copter game and decided that I could make something along those lines without too much trouble. I tried to add something to the Copter concept by adding moving obstacles.

It’s a bit of fun although fairly simple and not much to keep people coming back. Incredibly it has actually done reasonably on plays at just over 2 million which is pretty baffling.

Annoyingly it doesn’t actually work as I had initially planned it because I made a mistake and had published it before I realised it. Now I test my games as much as possible before releasing them but back then I just wanted to get them out there as quickly as possible to see what people thought of them.

In the original game the river got shallower as you swam up it. In this version the water was coded to move slowly down the screen at a rate of a fraction of a pixel per frame. Unfortunately Flash seems to have trouble moving objects by very small amounts and so it doesn’t bother to move it at all which takes a lot of the difficulty out of the game.

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  • Michael Benin [ 13Feb11]

    Nice. I go salmon fishing every year. Cool game.

  • jaevon robrson [ 21Aug13]


  • hihbouik [ 26Dec15]

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  • tony [ 04Dec19]

    this could be the worst game ive ever played in my life


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