Planet Basher

September 23rd, 2010 Games Tags: , , , , ,

Planet Basher built on the Orbit concept, changing the focus of the game completely. In Orbit you had to aim your cannon and hope for the best. In this game, you get to buy your own planets and place them where you want in an attempt to stay in space for as long as possible.

You can also grow your planets and buy a star magnet upgrade which makes your job of collecting stars a bit easier. This game was a big step up from Orbit and seemed to go down well with players, getting some good ratings.

But it’s not without its flaws. One big problem is that it takes a long time to fill up the playing field with stars so if you want to do well you have to just sit there and wait in between shots. You can buy the Star Shower upgrade of course which brings the stars down much faster but that’s not exactly an ideal solution to this problem.

Another issue was that it is possible to get your rocket stuck in between planets meaning that you could rack up endless stardust… but the round would never end because you were stuck in limbo.

But the biggest flaw with this game was the fact that it plays completely differently on different machines. By this time I thought I was getting the hang of coding but I managed to overlook one issue; performance. I couldn’t understand how some people were setting such ridiculously good scores until I saw what was going on on a friend’s computer. On slower machines the game lags quite a bit, causing the playing field to fill up with stars. This means that on really slow computers it’s actually possible to get 200 stars in the first round and win the game straight away.

Since the game was well received I felt compelled to fix these errors and make Planet Basher 2. So I did.

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  • loe you [ 17Aug12]

    oh you O.O

  • Tarasamsara [ 16Sep13]

    Great game, I love it!!!


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