Panda’s BIGGER Adventure

September 23rd, 2010 Games Tags: , , , ,

The second half of Panda’s BIG Adventure sees our favourite back-talking Panda catapulted forward in time to a future where Elvis, the true owner of the time-machine, is being held captive in a robot prison. Ok so the plot gets a little ridiculous in this one but it’s all good fun.

This part of the game wraps up the adventure and features 5 new time zones; the future prison, Leonardo Da Vinci’s pad, Al Copop’s secret moonshine production facility, a World War II trench and the not so wild west. As an extra bonus, for the first time ever you get a glimpse of Panda’s swanky HQ when you face up against the final terminator-pirate boss.

We’ve enjoyed making the Panda games a lot, especially coming up with crazy plots and weaving the film references into the games, but we’ve decided to hang up our Panda shaped hats (for the immediate future at any rate). As much as we enjoy the genre we want to branch out into other areas and make different kinds of games.

5 Responses to “Panda’s BIGGER Adventure”

  • TheGhost [ 02Mar11]

    It’s very nice.
    Man you can teach me please how to make my game please?

  • anonymous [ 30May11]

    Awesome game! I’m so sad Panda won’t be appearing in the future :(

  • Rob [ 30May11]

    Who says Panda won’t be returning? We haven’t ruled him out as a character and may well return to him one day. Who knows.

  • luis pepe [ 08Nov11]

    si verdad ola sii no

  • MexicanDumpling [ 21Jul17]

    I miss panda :(


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