Ninja Bear

February 8th, 2012 Games Tags: , , , ,

Ninja Bear, or Ninja Bear and Purple Teddy vs the Monsters under the bed (to give its full title!), is the latest from my brother John and myself. We also enlisted the help of our younger brother, George, since it turns out he has a bit of a knack for voice acting.

At first glance the game is perhaps nothing you haven’t seen before. Conceptually it’s pretty similar to Hambo (watch this space for Hambo 2, coming very soon!) and a host of other physicsy type games in the genre. However, this time we’ve focused the gameplay more towards solving puzzles than pulling off tricky shots and we think we’ve made something a bit different.

To that end we made the aiming nice and simple, giving a trajectory line to help you see where your shot will go. We also devised a set of weapons that allow you to interact with the environment and really make the most of the box2d physics engine. You can disintegrate anything (including yourself!), make things icy or bouncy, and there’s even an anti-gravity gun that allows you to send things flying up into the air. All of these combined can make for some really interesting challenges and we had a lot of fun designing the levels.

There are 44 levels of increasing(ish) difficulty and also 24 Yin Yangs to collect. Collect them all to unlock a bonus level that should keep you occupied for a while! Also, if that’s not enough ninja for you there are user levels to be played or you can get creative and try out the level editor to make your own. If you make something then you can copy a link to share it so feel free to post your creations in the comments below :)

Thanks to JayIsGames for this review!

4 Responses to “Ninja Bear”

  • Wiserman [ 09Feb12]

    Great game! Love the puzzle/shooter mixed concept! (also the hidden yin yangs are a great added distraction)

    Keep up the great work boys! :-)

  • Dave [ 11Feb12]

    Definitely a fun little puzzle game. My one suggestion would be to either offer the option to turn off voices but not sounds, or simply to remove the (really loud) “this is NINJA!” line. No offense intended, but it was cute once, and then after the third time I had no choice but to hit mute.

  • HALOISSTUPID [ 13Jun12]

    This game is totally like Hamob and Hambo 2 (wich i played both) nice game man.

  • nudhin999 [ 11Aug13]

    hmm……just playing wait!


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