I have fans!

March 30th, 2011 Articles Tags: , , , , ,

This really is great news. I know that a lot of people around the world enjoy playing my games but every now and then I hear from people who seem to have got that little bit more out of a game than most.

I recently got a message from someone who must surely be The Legend of the Golden Robot’s biggest fan. He has reached level 218, killing 5,161 monsters along the way and plans to keep playing until he reaches level 300! That is some serious dedication! If anyone else out there claims to be a bigger fan I’d love to hear from you.

Then the other day I got a message from someone who said he had written a song about Hambo. I wasn’t too sure if he was pulling my leg or not but sure enough this morning I received an email with a link to Hambo Power Song II. Listen to the song here. Mr. Gee has written a whole load of crazy songs that can also be found on that site. Some of them are already game names in themselves so I might just have to see if we can use one for a future game…

2 Responses to “I have fans!”

  • Manuel Ignacio L√≥pez Quintero [ 17May11]

    Nice job, Rob!

    It’s very grateful when someone admires your job.

    Some people doesn’t response the fan admiration and I think it’s a big mistake.

  • maninho [ 14Oct11]



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