Blow Things Up! 2

May 12th, 2011 Games Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

The second Blow Things Up game is out! After the success of the first one I’ve got high hopes for this one but time will tell. It’s not just a few extra levels tacked onto the first game though, it’s a completely new game with lots of extra features.

I redid all the artwork and introduced a bunch of new characters all with different properties. There’s the good and bad ‘Things’ from the first game but now there are also Bouncy Things, Heavy Things, Balloon Things and even Fire Things!

Another big new feature is the level editor and the ability for anyone to make and share levels with the world. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can come up with so get making levels :)

Once again there are 42 levels to complete and trophies to get on all of them to add a little extra challenge. For those hardcore fans of the game (possibly dangerous pyromaniacs) there’s also a secret level. How to get to the secret level will be revealed if you complete all the trophies (although I’m sure if you’re keen enough it won’t be too hard to find out by other means).

Thanks to my brother, John, for helping design some of the levels. John is just getting into game development so you can expect to see our first collaboration soon!

10 Responses to “Blow Things Up! 2”

  • Fabrizio Rocca [ 12May11]

    Wow, this is much better than blow things up 1 !

  • ozdy [ 13May11]

    Wow, nice programmer art :) I wish mine was that good!

  • Rob [ 13May11]

    Thanks ozdy :)

  • Dick [ 13May11]

    Level 26 is impossible!

  • brad [ 22May11]


  • anonymous [ 03Jun11]

    is great

  • gulam [ 09Jun11]

    absolutely fantastic

  • unknown25 [ 26Jan12]

    bad eggs online sounds LOL

  • baddy bunker [ 07Apr12]

    i like this game if u pls can u look at my profile i made its called baddy bunker ill be pleased thank u.

  • cameron [ 04Jun12]

    him and his bro are good


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