Battle Beavers

August 10th, 2011 Games Tags: , , , , , , , ,

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since we actually finished this game and we’ve only just released it! It took us a while to sort out a sponsorship deal with this one but it’s finally published at last. It’s another collaboration with my brother, John.

Battle Beavers is an RPG/Beat ’em up where you play as a beaver named Bold who is suffering at the hands of the evil tyrant, Rangor. There’s equipment to unlock, stats to upgrade, plenty of enemies to fight, magic attacks and combo moves.

There’s also an epic final boss in the form of Rangor. Only the most hardened battle beavers will be able to defeat him in combat and restore peace to the plains… or something like that anyway.

I’m pretty happy with how the game has turned out. We enjoyed adding different attacks and enemies and testing the game was a lot of fun going round beating up enemies all day. So hopefully other people will like it too.

I got a friend to compose some music for us on this one and I hope you’ll agree he did a great job. Check out his soundcloud site for more tracks by him:

Also, just counted up and this is my 25th game! Seems like a milestone worth mentioning anyway :)

Update: Thanks to Mr Gee for this awesome Battle Beavers track!

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  • Rob [ 14Aug11]

    Because the final boss is hard and because some people have asked for it, here are some tips on how to beat Rangor, the Battle Beavers boss:

    1. Remember that you can go back and play easier levels to level up and improve your stats if you need to.

    2. Don’t ignore magic! The heal spell in particular can be very useful for getting out of a tight spot.

    3. Be agile. Double-tap the arrows to sprint to avoid Rangor’s attacks and to get within range to land your own attacks. Upgraded agility stats will help as well.

    4. Use combo moves to deal more damage and knock him back. The skadoosh attack has a slightly larger range than any other attack which can be very useful. Use it wisely!

    5. Be wary of his special moves. Rangor has moves that you cannot defend against. Running away and living to fight another day is probably better than trying to defend against him. Discretion is the better part of valour.

    Good luck!

  • Steve Guiles [ 05Sep11]
    Rob, in dedication to my new latest favorite game.


    I made it downloadable if your fans want to download it.
    You could also point them to thispage:

  • Rob [ 05Sep11]

    Hahaha epic! Thanks tons for this, love it.

  • kapolet [ 05Oct11]

    ich möchte spilene

  • kapolet [ 05Oct11]

    tnaks to game

  • matt eudale [ 11Feb12]

    the game of battle beavers is bosses

  • matt eudale [ 11Feb12]

    i wanna play naruto games:)

  • afghan [ 31Aug12]

    it is so cool you should play this game yea

  • topencrop [ 07Oct12]

    i beat the ranger twice and i didnt do those tips except the magic because if you attack him when he is attacking he wont be able to attack

  • FFDP123 [ 18Dec12]

    Bad eggs online is the best free online game that I have ever played.

  • nudhin999 [ 11Aug13]

    hmmmmm …not bad

  • daniel james [ 02Dec17]

    i beat the entire game so ima play the whole game again


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