Bad Viking

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If you have played a few of my games you may have noticed that some of them appear to be sponsored by a site called This is actually my own website and I have self-sponsored several of my games (meaning I have my links and logos in the games). differs from this website in that I host games on there from other developers as well as my own.

I hand pick all the games that go onto by playing them first to make sure they are of a high enough quality. I also try to ensure that the site is family friendly, something that I believe to be an important consideration.

The Bad Viking brand was something that I came up with one afternoon after deciding that it was about time I owned a website to publish games on. I drew several little viking characters and refined them until I had something that I liked. The actual name of the brand came later. I bounced a few ideas around, Red Viking, Little Viking, etc before finally settling on Bad Viking. When coming up with a website name a big factor is whether or not the site name is available and I think ultimately that was what led me to

The decision to self-sponsor some games was made in an attempt to drive more traffic to It’s a more long term strategy to trying to make money from Flash games since you don’t get the up-front payment that you get with a sponsorship. Instead you have to hope that over time your website will become more popular and that you can make more money from on-site advertising.

I found it difficult to decide whether to aim for sponsorships or to go for the website model but now that I have given both methods a proper run out I have opted to focus my attention more on developing than on publishing. There is a lot of competition in the publishing sector and a large number of already established sites with huge user bases. As a developer you don’t really get the sense that you are competing with other developers. A good game is a good game no matter what other developers are producing around the same time.

I do still maintain and publish games regularly but it is not my main priority at the moment.

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