Bad Eggs Online

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Our first multiplayer game is out of beta. It has been a real eye opener releasing a multiplayer game. There is an incredible amount of work that you have to put in after releasing it to keep the content fresh and up to date as well as responding to criticisms, fixing bugs and adding the features that your players want to see.

We have put in a lot of hours trying to get this game to where we want it to be and have added a lot of new features after listening to our players. We’re likely still not done adding things but we feel that it’s at least at a stage now where it can lose the beta tag and we can start getting more players involved.

Huge thanks to everyone who has played and enjoyed the game so far and helped us get it to the stage that it’s now at. It has been far from a stress free release but I feel that we have learned a lot from this first attempt at multiplayer and I’m also very glad that a lot of players seem to be really enjoying the game.

We’ve had a great review here: and lots of positive feedback so far which is fantastic.

Hope you enjoy the game, look forward to seeing you online and in the forums!

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110 Responses to “Bad Eggs Online”

  • Earthwatcher [ 01Nov11]

    And, if you come across an odd-looking egg with a knotted handkerchief on his head ,be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Raichu007_Player_Of_Badeggsonline. [ 02Nov11]

    Best Rob Donkin i wil say you made cool games but today (02-11-11) i will play your games but it dont work!!!
    Plz fix it.

    And plz can i have on badeggs 50 credits plz.

    From Raichu007, a BadEggsOnline player

  • quwertie [ 16Nov11]

    This game is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please give me some credits to buy a shell/ weapon pack. I know u will bcause u r so AWESOME!!!!

  • iBlood [ 21Nov11]

    i must say this game is boss bro and thanks for adding that weed sign for 5 mortar kills its cool yah bro nice u should add a boss egg like a pimp egg and a weed one thats smoking a blunt with a hat that has a weed sign and his shirt that has a weed sign and says Boss watch out! and fly kicks and a blunt in his hand if possible and smoke comes from the blunt ! hopefully u like it

  • Danny [ 29Nov11]

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! I like iblood’s idea though but it should be like 6 us eggs against one big egg but it is only every 100 levels and it brings you to a new server which you can battle better eggs get more weapons and more.

  • alan [ 29Nov11]

    muito bom mas lento

  • book [ 04Dec11]

    I m winner beaver battle boss that so very hard and i m winner of i can get again and again as go to Winner hammer boss are hard i can dead with it and i can shut up it go end endless My beaver say THIS IS OUR LANNNNNNNNNND And i m Mortal.

  • Brennen11163 [ 17Dec11]

    this is one of my many favorite games! but one thing is missing we need some cheats for Bad Eggs Online

  • crude humor [ 27Dec11]

    please give me a 150 credit to buy weapon pack and go pro plz

  • jose.fernando [ 29Dec11]

    este juego es muy chuli y quiero

  • unknown25 [ 31Dec11]

    please Rob send me 100 credits.. I badly want to go pro so plz send me 100 credits, btw you made an AWESOME game. I play it everyday.

  • riyvd10 [ 03Jan12]

    give my pleas credits for a weapon pack please

    gr roy

  • masterisaac34 [ 04Jan12]

    give mony

  • unknown25 [ 11Jan12]

    plz rob send me 100 credits for going pro plz, unknown25

    P.S plz send me 100 credits

  • unknown25 [ 21Jan12]

    Hey rob can you send me 100 credits plz? i wanna have pro badly

  • Rodrigo [ 02Feb12]

    Hello very good game if the only thing missing to make it more complete, add friends would put in the game is more complete if.

  • Mr. Bogghomper [ 02Feb12]
  • Guest-147329 [ 16Feb12]


  • eggsmasher11 [ 22Feb12]

    Awesome game. I have done several SuperRewards but they never work. But still, my favorite computer game ever!

  • Psysho [ 26Feb12]

    muy buen juego es grandioso

  • Basti99 [ 02Mar12]

    I love this game! Can I have 100 credits please

  • dennis22444 [ 03Mar12]

    Hey rob, my freind plays tanks and he keeps telling me to stop playing bad eggs online and play TANKS!!!! Can you believe this guy. I keep saying NO WAY and he makes up reasons like “its going to shut down because it causes slow computers” he says he talks to you(im 100% sure he doesn’t ) and thats were he gets this information can you set him straight (tell him hes wrong) his profile is “Porax” on, say i told you to send that to him my kongregate name is “dennis22444”. normal people would ask you for kreds but im not like them. (but if you wanted to…)

  • DontQuestionMe [ 08Apr12]

    Don’t question me, Rob. Just send the money. My account is DontQuestionMe. Don’t ask why I want the money… Just don’t…

  • james [ 18Apr12]

    plz send me credits for pro

  • james [ 18Apr12]

    plz send me credits i need pro cause i bought pro and my freind wants to get pro so he said cheat for me so i have to ask you he didnt want anyone to know so his account is jamesgl plz send credits

  • nightmare20 [ 23Apr12]

    I want credits does anybody know how to get them without using paypal or superrewards

  • abbydre [ 08May12]

    bad egggggggggg

  • max [ 21May12]

    kan you buy one egg to me?

  • austin0909 [ 31May12]

    noobs u half to buy ur credits stupid’s

  • ROB IS EPIC [ 13Jun12]

    Hey Rob
    Can you plz fix Armor Games login the server for Bad eggs is down but also for all the other games on the site and my account was a lvl 34 egg :( can u plz fix IMPORTANT MAN!

  • zachary [ 20Jun12]

    this game is aweome

  • [email protected] [ 22Jun12]

    your thebest rob can u plz get me 100 or 1000 creddits your choice my parents wont let me

  • Riley [ 04Jul12]

    hi rob love the game i love it
    love it
    love it
    love it
    love it
    love it
    i am lvl 43 user name is riley555 and i got credit today!!!

  • nicocache [ 07Jul12]

    necesito un eggs mayor!!

  • kubus311 [ 09Jul12]

    hi, your game is awesome, but when i play it, i’m thinking only about one song: “i need money…”, and if you can give me some credits, i’ll be very happy :)
    thank you in advance :)

  • rustie [ 11Jul12]

    can u give me 100 crdit becuse i need 2 buy something vaery cool in bad egg one a egg and one a wapone plz plz plz give me 100 credits i beg u so hard

  • Seebiitaxz [ 12Jul12]

    Ey i am Seebiitaxz badeggs is a good game but please i dont have anithing of cash to buy weapons :( and my mother and father not enouhgt cash sorry my english i am chileno. im speake spanish but this message is for you

  • cody [dietrich] [ 16Aug12]

    this game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT AND ALL UR OTHER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY FAVS. R BADEGGS,BATTLE BEVERS,HAMBO 2, AND MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN I PLZZZZZZZZ HAVE SOME CREDITS 4 THE DOUBLE XP???=D U R AN AWESOME PERSON MY MAN AND KEEP MAKE SOME BEAST GAME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cody [dietrich] [ 16Aug12]

    dietrich is my name on badeggs;D

  • Bad Eggs [ 06Sep12]

    im now level 70

  • Bad Eggs [ 06Sep12]

    give me 100 credits

  • Nahiyan A. N. [ 10Sep12]

    Thanks for making this game, Rob. And of course, thanks to you too, John, for making such a nice game. One suggestion: Why don’t you give 1 credit for each win?

  • pisica01 [ 11Sep12]

    plz…give me 100 credit….my mother is dead… (((

  • dodo28 [ 23Sep12]

    plz…give me 100 credit.

  • tuge [ 23Sep12]

    hi rob donkin bad eggs in the world is the best game i have bad eggs in one level and thirtynine level and could you give me 200 credit because one my friends tease me all the time. i love this game plz…give me 200 credit.please please please please please please.

  • Exido90 [ 24Sep12]

    Hi Rob. This game is Awesome. But one problem, can u give me 50 – 100 credits?

  • gubrus50 [ 28Sep12]

    hello Im Gabryƛ and Im poland. I like play badeggs because that game is cool and super

  • kent20 [ 07Oct12]

    rob donkin plese give me in off credits so i can bye all wepond pack

  • pete1999 [ 14Oct12]

    hello. Rob can u get me some credits for pro? i keep trying to do those surveys on super rewards but the credits wont transfer. ive spent hours doin this and its starting to annoy me. plz send me those credits for pro.

  • pete1999 [ 14Oct12]

    one more thing. the team chat doesnt work. i can read the other teams chat but i dont know if they can read mine. could u fix this plz?

  • mariusbakke [ 01Nov12]

    can you send me 100 credits pleas.

  • ariaan1998 [ 08Dec12]

    plz send credits to ariaan1998 plz :)

  • gillsgills [ 25Dec12]

    I found the secret mini game but I can not beat it. My high score is 30 but I can not go farther. I am stuck on it so if you could help, that would be great.Oh and by the way… you make awesome video games. Keep it up.

  • gillsgills [ 25Dec12]

    Yeah you make an awesome game and I really love it. I would like to go pro very badly… but I do not have any credits. I have no packs but I do have two bought shells, I got them with the Halloween and Christmas credits. I am not going to sit here and beg you for credits because I know you want to make money but I have never asked before and really love your games. If you could please send me 200 credits it would be really great. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  • Urkund [ 31Dec12]

    Hi,My you get me all weapons or if you can’t can you get me PRO becase some I can help you in server to make more shells or morethings,LIKE Grim-Cat I will help you my username on bad eggs online is Urkund same as my Name :) Pls send for my account I will appreciate you and if you need help I will do it,in forum my name is dragonman321 please send me what you want:message…Thank you

  • me too-90 [ 02Jan13]

    hey could u make a badeggs hack online or stay with the boring badeggs. hey if u can u sould gave peoloe 27 cerdits and 2 free eggs for badeggs. this is from me too-90

  • me too-90 [ 02Jan13]

    HAPPY NEW YEAR. i hope u can make a new badeggs online. hack

  • son benjamin [ 23Jan13]

    porfavor rob dame 1000 creditos

  • nathan parker [ 15Feb13]

    plz can i have 250 bad eggs credits p.s. this games sooooooooooooo addictive pps this game is totally freaking amazing

  • Jessy Locklear [ 26Feb13]

    Hi Mr.Donkin. My name is Jessy Locklear and i’m only 15. I play your game a whole lot and I want to go pro but my Mother doesn’t have enough money to purchase me some credits so i can go pro. I’m not asking for a insane amount but if you were willing to give me 100 credits or more to use on bad eggs, I would be very grateful. If you read this and decide to send me some credits, i would appreciate it.

  • oooooolllllllllll [ 08Mar13]


  • TONI3120 [ 31Mar13]

    Hi Rob , please give me credits for 1 pack :) im TONI3120 in the game.Niiiiicee gameee now im prestige 5 level 41 PLEEEASE I PLAY EVRYDAY WHIT ME FRIENDS I NEED CREDITS :)

  • doblejota [ 31Mar13]


  • the white angel [ 31Mar13]

    this game is really cool i love it but i need some CREDITS so can u plz give me some i need ur help plz just plz give me some plz i love this game thats y i play it every day plz give me credits plz about 150 plz and i will do anything u want me to do

  • TONI3120 [ 01Apr13]

    Hi again pleaseee pleaseee credits i want INFERNO EGG and 1 pack :) pleasee Rob pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  • lapinyaloca [ 01Apr13]

    Hey Rob send me 10.000 credits please

  • davidochi96 [ 03Apr13]

    Hello rob, me name is David nava,can u send me 1 credit please?
    Im level 11 ……ITS SOMETHING!!!!
    ())====================D []

  • TONI3120 [ 04Apr13]

    Hello Rob Donkin can u send me 200 credits please? I bought 6 packs and 3 eggs shells in super rewards, ( aproximately 6-7 months )…. Now im exhausted.I want buy inferno egg /200 credits/ me account is TONI3120 please I would be very grateful ;)

  • TONI3120 [ 04Apr13]

    The passion of not wanting to lose the bad eggs online forces me to be getting stronger and therefore have good wepons.

    *__- Tnx

  • TonyGreat [ 22Apr13]

    I have a great idea! i think u should make more of those events like unlocking the easter bunny through collecting eggs. You should make more of these events to fit each major holiday of the year.

    P.S. may you please give me 50 credits? (send to TonyGreat)

  • jivil [ 08Jun13]

    cn you give me 200 creds i wnt to buy four pcks

  • jeoff karl [ 16Jun13]

    this game is awsome but now i’m level 12 so too many eggs on this game are called (Bad Eggs Online) this is a random team so die them all so thank you.

  • goope [ 21Jun13]

    i love it

  • shameer losper [ 26Jun13]

    hey can i please get some credits please.
    i would like to purchase a weapon pack but i need credits.

  • NUGGETMAN101 [ 06Jul13]

    hi rob can you send me 100 credits plz?
    ps: can I play a game with youplz?

  • supermme11 [ 10Jul13]

    Im a HUGE fan of bad egg and i always wanted crids and i think u’ll never read this but may i have 100 crids and a pack o guns plzz ill understand if u say no but thx for reading thos

  • nudhin999 [ 09Aug13]

    hi.rob nice job with ur game i want some credits to buy a shell can u help me

  • GameDawg99 [ 31Aug13]


  • GameDawg99 [ 01Sep13]

    How Dare you remove my comment!? I’m voicing my opinion like everyone else! Ps. I love Bad Eggs Online

  • Rob [ 01Sep13]

    Your comment was removed because of the language you used (as I’m sure you’re aware). I appreciated the sentiment though! Credit begging on these comments is pretty crazy (and a waste of time I assure you, don’t even bother).

  • GameDawg99 [ 01Sep13]

    Well, I guess I got a little too worked up. Sorry for the language. I got a little angry because the of the petty credit asking (as you stated). PS. There has been a problem with the server which is a a bit agitating, its been acting strange for a few days. Anyway sorry again.

  • GameDawg99 [ 01Sep13]

    Its say’s “room full”

  • Kianoosh [ 05Sep13]

    hi are you?please send me 100 credits .
    username is Kianoosh pleese please pleese

  • Gamedawg99 [ 05Sep13]

    Hey, Glad the servers fixed! (^_^) Btw Rob point proven right there. :P

  • Gamedawg99 [ 10Sep13]

    My users haunted house so anyone on here can play me.

  • Legend_123 [ 16Sep13]

    rob please can you give me 100 credits please please please!

  • jeoff karl [ 17Sep13]

    i play it from a long time 2012 to 2013 i played that. :).
    but there are no credits.
    but is a good game

  • Crypton-X [ 27Oct13]

    Hey Rob ! Great job with ur games man! I only play Bad Eggs and its AWESOME! Congratulations! Man plz can u send me 100 credits to my account? Username: Crypton-X (Thanks for ur time anyway)

  • bladen [ 05Nov13]

    dear rob donkin you and your brother have made an awesome game i play it everyday .can you give me 70 credits to buy a sheel and a weapon pack plz plz plz . i know you will because you are so awesome.

  • caleb [ 08Nov13]

    thanks for the bad eggs.

  • PussyGoGetter17 [ 24Nov13]

    Hey, BEO2 is great! Some people didn’t really appreciate the value of the game, but I did. Keep up the good work. Any recommendations on how to make BEO2 work faster on my laptop? It works fine on my computer, but I don’t always have access to it. Thanks!

  • neymar4446 [ 20Feb14]

    give me 50 credits

  • clownkiller1234 [ 15Mar14]

    i love the game but it would be so much better is you earned credits by earning achievements and leveling up.

  • ninja1999 [ 15Mar14]

    i completely agree with clownkiller1234 it would e much better if we could earn atleast a few creds with achievements

  • ATZAEL [ben10 or KUND] [ 17Apr14]

    Just wanted to say I love your games, Sorry when I was young I asked you for credits on 31 DEC 12. Just saying that I am sorry that you had to pay because my friend (griffindude0) bought me all weapons and shells. I know it’s not possible to get unbanned but I just wanted to say I am really sorry. I appologise for what I have done I know it’s just a game but it was not right what I have done. Thanks for understanding.
    Thanks for the great games Bad Eggs and Ninth Realm love them. You should update ninth realm you and John have put a lot of effort in it. Keep the awesome work up!

  • karel999 [ 19Apr14]

    i want 500 credits

  • matt [ 31May14]

    we need water maps in the game and what about new weapons like weapons magnet stay for 5 terns and a magnet get the weapons away from u stay for 5 terns too
    and let the players design the maps that will be nice
    and what about wood chicken add 3 hp for all your team and -3 hp for the other team in the 1 tern if u hit it blow up and do 25 damage
    pleas add this weapons to the game
    my name in bad eggs online is 50095 am kongregate player
    i dont do this for gredits i want BAD eggs online to be the best game

  • The_Legend_189 [ 18Aug14]

    please rob or john I go on super rewards and I watch videos to get credits please send me 250 credits only because I am bored of getting 1 credit for watching a video pls my name is The_Legend_189 on bad eggs online2 pls ilove beo2!

  • HEBEL11 [ 21Oct14]

    can i have 1000 credits PS i love bad eggs online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilantlovegod [ 10Jan15]

    I want 10000 credits

  • badboyyyyyyyyy [ 13Sep15]

    please i want 300 credits please i love this game :) ty

  • Blake1111111111 [ 10Dec15]

    please send credits, all i want is a weapons pack please and thanks

  • jk200 [ 15Jan16]

    i want a free account with all weapon packs with atom shell and just for me please but in bad eggs online 2

  • the_devonator [ 16Mar16]

    I really love this game but May I please get 50 credits I really want a wep pack but I can’t afford to buy any please send me some

  • campbellw23247 [ 30Jan17]

    Pro please
    200 credits

  • JARALE [ 09May17]

    i need credits

  • Luis [ 16Jul17]

    Give me 1000 credit s

  • kingslayer892 [ 06Dec17]

    my computer is almost dead

  • TYLER [ 12Apr18]


  • 22jburgess [ 14Apr18]

    could u give me enough credits to buy the pro i is am on bad eggs online 2 all the time please give me some credits


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