November 13th, 2010 Games

Two games released in two days! Toxers is without a doubt my biggest and most ambitious project yet and happily that was reflected in the sponsorship deal that we managed to get for it. The bulk of the work for this game actually came when it was in its final stages. We spent a considerable amount of time bug testing and balance testing and just adding in those extra bits of polish to ensure that come release it was as good as it was ever going to be.

In Toxers you take on the role of unlikely hero Bob Steel in a post-radioactive-ice-cream-factory-explosion Metropolis city (yes, in case you hadn’t noticed we like to add the odd bit of humour into our games. Our Panda series is a good example of that). As Bob Steel you are tasked with searching through a bug infested city while seeking out survivors, completing missions and upgrading your firepower.

The actual game design came from one of Rob’s (robotJAM, the artist that I’ve worked with on several games now) friends, Cathy. She was also a huge help when it came to play-testing and spent hours painstakingly playing through the game to make sure that it was all working the way we wanted. The game’s difficulty was something that we struggled with for a while. We wanted to keep it challenging throughout to keep players interested but not so difficult that they would give up. That involved a lot of tweaking of both weapon and bug stats but hopefully we got there in the end.

The toughest enemy in the game is a huge bug called Bugzilla and he’s everything you’d expect from a final boss! Bugzilla is not easy to defeat but it is certainly possible (and can be made easier if you choose to buy premium items).

One reason for making a more ambitious project was because we wanted to trial micro-transactions properly to find out if they really are a viable revenue option for the future. Initial statistics look promising and I will be giving an update to my thoughts on micro-transactions post as soon as I feel we have enough reliable data to make a more informed decision about them.

In the meantime check out the game and have a look at the premium section to see how we’ve implemented the mochicoins micro-transaction system.

13 Responses to “Toxers”

  • Bill [ 03Dec10]

    This game kicks ass, it’s also on but the shop is busted there. Could you fix it there?

  • Rob [ 03Dec10]

    Hi Bill. Thanks for the comment. That was a bad error in the armorgames version and is being fixed now.

  • james [ 07Dec10]

    kongragate where is the last person

  • Rob [ 07Dec10]

    The last person is a secret character who can only be found by completing a particular micro mission.

  • Kamendae [ 09Dec10]

    Bug report (played on mochigames): The three zones that require you to search every square do not properly increment their searched-square counter – when you hit a square with bugs in it, you fight the bugs, searching the square, but the counter doesn’t increment. Eventually you end up with the zone saying “100% searched” but the mission counter at only like 23/36, and no way to complete the mission.

  • TheGhost [ 02Mar11]

    This is very nice.You make nice game!

  • TheGhost [ 02Mar11]

    I have an idea for a game but do not know how good it is. If I can help you leave it here.
    So it’s some rats who have forgotten to bathe with soap and throw cats in them not to stink.

  • Dragon303 [ 19Feb12]

    thanks rob… Now that i know of Bad eggs, every other game seems like a 4/10 :D

  • regaega2 [ 19Jun12]

    me like bad eggs 100%

  • Aaron [ 23Nov16]

    The game is very glitchy for some reason on this website. I whenever I get into batte the background switchers every third of a second to all the different areas on the map, when I attack my weapon switches in the same way to all the different weapons. (In that melee or ranged catagory). Lastly, once I do defeat the enemy, nothing happens and I am stuck on that screen.

  • daniel james [ 02Dec17]

    whenever i attack the game does not allow me to attack again so if i attack it stops and i have to reload this page plz fix this

  • daniel james [ 02Dec17]

    and i found out that problem is actually is gone ;)

  • jackie [ 27Apr20]

    Why does the background go real fast when I have to fight the monsters. At Armour Games it doesn’t move at all. Not fun with a moving background.


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