Super Villainy

April 25th, 2012 Games Tags: , , , , , ,

Super Villains in films are always trying to take over the world but have they stopped to think what would happen if they actually succeeded? That’s the basis for the plot in John and mine’s latest game, Super Villainy. The Villains take over the world, get bored, blow up the world, and then start fighting amongst themselves.

Get ready for Super Villain Battle Royale! Pick a randomised villain name and you’re ready to rock. You’ll fight little squids, big squids, flying toasters, grim reapers, evil robots, snakes, flying eyeballs, skull spiders, electric jelly fish, exploding brains and more in your bid to become the number one villain. Yeah, we had fun coming up with random enemy types.

Super Villainy is an arena shooter which is a genre that I haven’t tried my hand at before so it was a fun new challenge. We tried to incorporate all the elements players expect from a shooter whilst also packing in some more innovative stuff. We’ve got lots of enemies with different behaviours, epic bosses, enemy turrets that you can blow up, friendly turrets that you can hop in and use, slow motion, lots of cool upgrades, minions that you can recruit to fight for you, different mission objectives etc etc.

When you’ve completed all the missions there’s also an endless mode where you can aim for a high score.

Good luck!

Also, thanks to JayIsGames for this review!

16 Responses to “Super Villainy”

  • abbydre [ 08May12]

    i love this

  • Noncryptic [ 11May12]

    This is fun. :P

  • Brein [ 20May12]

    love it

  • Martini [ 21Jun12]

    too slow

  • lykko [ 24Aug12]

    awesome dudes this is better then badeggs and hex wars and pocketwarriors

  • freeguy [ 05Nov12]

    This game is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex [ 12Nov12]

    OMG best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Steven [ 29May13]

    This is a really fun little game. I ate it up as soon as I discovered it.

  • subzero [ 21Oct13]


  • semmy37 [ 31Jan14]

    che bello

  • Nicolas [ 19Feb14]


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  • AAAAAAAASSSSSS12 [ 05Dec16]


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  • daniel james [ 02Dec17]


  • Ethan hurd [ 29Apr19]

    love the game but it is a little better then egg wars but egg wars 2 doesn’t work for me.


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