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I came up with Popopop after thinking long and hard about what it was that made a game successful. The actual concept of Popopop does, I think, have some of the ingredients that go towards making a successful Flash game. However, in reality I made several mistakes that only became apparent later.

Firstly, I had set out to make a game that was fairly casual and didn’t get too taxing until the later levels. As it turned out I massively underestimated the difficulty of the game as I strove to make levels that offered several different kinds of challenge. This was another mistake. I was trying to incorporate skill-based puzzles in what had started out as just a puzzle game. By making levels that involved fast reflexes and difficult timing sequences I was just making the game very frustrating for people which is not at all what I set out to do. Oops.

Another area where the game is fairly lacking is in the graphics. At the time I thought they were pretty good but I don’t know why on Earth I would have thought that because I can scarcely bare to look at them now.

However, I did spend a lot of time making a level editor system which, although slightly flawed, I still believe was an impressive achievement for me at the time and a great extra feature for the game, meaning that the number of levels for it is potentially infinite.

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  • Avril Rolz [ 28May11]

    were r the walkthrough of this game??????

  • loe you [ 17Aug12]

    ой ой you play ppoppoppo bosa who? waaaaaaaaaaa


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