Popopop 2

September 23rd, 2010 Games Tags: , , , ,

I had wanted to make a sequel to Popopop for a while before I finally got around to it. I wanted to take on board some of the criticisms from the first game and listen to some of the fans’ suggestions to try and improve on it. I totally reworked the graphics and, I hope you’ll agree, they are a huge improvement on the first one.

I also reworked the level editor system, improving it so that it didn’t struggle with downloading the data. In the first one I had no experience of saving and loading data in Flash and so the level editor simply loaded all the levels in one go. This wasn’t a problem at first but with more and more levels it became more and more of an issue. I worked out how to deal with this for Popopop 2 so that it only loaded the levels 10 at a time. Having done that I went back and updated the first Popopop so that people could continue using the level editor there.

I also added a feature that allowed you to view the levels by rating so that the more popular levels could be shown first and hopefully the poor ones would be buried.

In terms of level design I tried to make it a bit easier than the first Popopop. I would say that some levels are probably still needlessly difficult but in general I think it’s an improvement on the first game. I also included a new type of bubble, the cannon bubble, which added an extra element to the level design as well as being good fun to pop.

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  • Ian Martin [ 26Feb11]

    Got to level 13 b4 I gave up! Found this through link from Readers Digest, good mind game for an ‘oldie”, keeps the brain sharp.

  • 0034998 [ 01Feb17]



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