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Pondskater is the first game I ever made. It’s pretty terrible but can be a bit of fun. I made the game while I was still learning how to make games in flash (well, I’m still learning now of course but I mean when I was first learning) so it’s a bit buggy in places I think although generally it works just fine. The game did very poorly in terms of ratings but it was a valuable learning experience and only made me want to do better next time.

A lot of people seemed to find the fact that you had fuel for a pondskater a little strange and suggested that I change it to stamina. I quite liked that it was fuel because it was a bit random but I suppose I would have to concede that it doesn’t make much sense. I still don’t care though.

P.S. Keep playing until you find the chain-gun power-up. When you do press space to fire and use it to make mincemeat out of those bees!

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  • Daino [ 06Aug11]

    Good game…the sounds are a little funky, but in all it was a good “time waster.” I really like all of your stuff, thanks for the free games. Maybe “flight of the bumble-bee” when the killer bees come out? I do have to admit your other games are better than this one.

  • The Beast [ 10Sep11]



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