Planet Basher 2

September 23rd, 2010 Games Tags: , , , , ,

Planet Basher 2 got made because I received a lot of positive feedback on the first one and I wanted to build on it to make an even better game. I corrected the mistakes that I made in the first one and added some extra features to, hopefully, make the experience more fun. You can no longer get trapped between planets because each spaceship has health and so will be destroyed if it hits too many planets. You can also buy armour upgrades in the game shop.

I improved the graphics from the first one by quite a lot and was really pleased with the overall level of polish on the game once I was finished with it. I also added more upgrades to add an extra element of strategy, and achievements to give players more to aim for and rewards for their endeavours.

All in all I felt that it was a big improvement on the first game… so of course it got (slightly) lower ratings! Perhaps people were just a bit bored of the concept after the first one (it’s a fairly similar game in all honesty, just with some improvements).

5 Responses to “Planet Basher 2”

  • ISAAIAH [ 27Feb11]

    FUN don’t know why it got a lower score than the first this one it is better i got bored with the first.

  • Shaba laba dind dong [ 21May11]

    I finished this really quickly

  • jojo [ 31Aug11]

    love the planet basher series.

    are you going 2 make a planet basher 3?

  • Rob [ 01Sep11]

    Glad you like them but no I don’t have any plans to make another any time soon I’m afraid.

  • hardcore-champ [ 11Jul12]

    this is waisting of time :|