Panda: Tactical Sniper

September 21st, 2010 Games Tags: , , , , ,

This was the first game in what was to become a series involving a character called Panda (yes, he’s a Panda, original I know) who fancies himself as a bit of a gangster. I wanted to make a sniper game (only partly because I was still finding my feet at writing code and it seemed like a fairly easy option) but I decided that I would make it non-violent because there’s tons of violent sniper games. Most of the criticism of the Panda sniper games came from people who got frustrated that they weren’t allowed to kill things in a sniper game, but I like the fact that it breaks the mould a bit.

By this time I had found out about sponsorships and that, apparently, you could make some pretty decent money from flash games. So I knocked up a few levels of a sniper game with some fairly poor artwork in and sent it out to a bunch of sponsors and somehow got incredibly lucky. A sponsor, Bubblebox, saw potential in the game and made me an offer that made me pretty much bite their hand off! Not only that but they also wanted to pay an artist to spruce up the graphics. They wanted a few more levels so I got to work making those while robotJAM did a great job polishing up the artwork.

Rob (yes, it’s confusing, we’re both called Rob) has become a good friend and we’ve made several games together over the years including three more Panda games. Panda: Tactical Sniper is the most primitive of them but incredibly it has actually had the most plays. I don’t know the exact count unfortunately but it’s around the 10 million mark now. It also won Mochi’s coveted Flash Game Friday award :)

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  • Bso [ 13May11]

    Nice Man Very Fun

  • kyle [ 01Jun11]

    great love all tour games


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