Panda: Tactical Sniper 2

September 22nd, 2010 Games Tags: , , , , ,

The second in the Panda series was a more ambitious project. By this time I felt more confident with the code and I had robotJAM on board from the start which meant that we could plan the game together and bounce ideas off each other. The first game had pretty much no story since I hadn’t bothered to plan out any levels from the start and just bunged them together as I thought of them. A story did materialise as I made the game which involved Panda trying to get back his stolen biscuits from a rival gang of Lions.

In this one we wanted to include more characters from Panda’s gang so we came up with a plot that involved assembling a team of bears and attempting to steal a huge diamond. Since the plot is essentially very similar to that of many classic heist films we started coming up with a variety of film references, a feature that we enjoyed so much that they became important additions to all future Panda games.

The last level of this game sees you in a precarious situation lifted straight from the original Italian Job. In the film you never get to see if they make it out or not (apparently due to budget cuts) so we thought it would be fun for Panda to finally find a solution to the tricky problem.

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  • ronald [ 19Jul12]

    Rob Dunkin i have a my name is Denomator on there and i need u to refresh my videos and survey’s and can u do me a favor and get the Tecale green egg shell nice chocie hope i get to get pack 8 and thankd if u do this :)


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