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Orbit was inspired by a similar casual pinball style game. It’s another fairly simple game, designed to appeal to the more casual gamers who like setting high scores. The trouble is, there’s not a whole lot you can do to make that happen and it seems mostly luck based.

However, I felt that there was something to be done with the concept and a lot of the comments on the game seemed to agree so I took the core ideas from Orbit and used them to make Planet Basher.

Hopefully you will be able to notice that by this time I was spending a bit more time polishing my games as I learned more about art in Flash. This game has a nice transition where the planets come in and out of view and I think the art is generally better than the other games I had made so far.

The game also features a really nice relaxing spacey sounding soundtrack which I had custom made by a fellow developer who also composes music, Oknavi. His game Cube-Race has a really great soundtrack which is what first brought his skills as a composer to my attention.

P.S. The popping sound in Orbit is the same sound that can be heard in the Popopop games. My younger brother, George, made the sound and recorded it so he will be very pleased to know that it now features in 5 games I believe.

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  • George [ 23Sep10]

    I should get a business card!


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