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Another new game! Golden Robot and Hambo ended up being released almost at the same time (just because we had to wait on our sponsor before releasing Golden Robot).

The idea for Hambo came to me pretty randomly while watching TV. People often ask how I get my ideas so I’ll explain what happened with this one. I’d been thinking about doing a physics type game for a while but wasn’t too sure which direction to go in. Two adverts actually inspired this one. Firstly there was an advert for a bank which showed a load of cute little piggy banks running around and then the next advert was a Ferrero Rocher ad where an arrow was fired at a pile of chocolates sending them flying. Almost instantly my subconscious offered up ‘Pig Rambo’ and I knew straight away that I was onto a winner!

RobotJAM did the art once again (and came up with the genius name of ‘Hambo’ for the game). He had a clear vision of how he wanted the game to look before starting, opting for a cute style which suits the game nicely.

We worked pretty quickly on this one, going from idea to full game in about two weeks. The box2d physics engine made all the physics side of things nice and easy and Playtomic handled the level sharing so the majority of the work was in building the level editor (and making it simple enough for anyone to use) and then designing the levels.

We both made a bunch of levels (and my brother George made a couple as well) and then we weeded out the ones that we felt weren’t as good and arranged them into some sort of order.

I’m optimistic about how this game will go down. Initial statistics certainly look very promising (it did a pretty huge 385,000 plays yesterday). It’s rare that I’ll still enjoy a game after testing it over and over but this one I’m still coming back to. It’s great seeing what other people are coming up with in the user levels so be sure to make some yourself!

21 Responses to “Hambo”

  • Roy [ 28Feb11]

    A very enjoyable game, with great level design.

  • Ahmed Nassef [ 01Mar11]

    haha, really liked it, was a nice game, really! hmm… though i think u need more advertising, i found out this site after finishing legend of the golden robot!

    p.s:WOOHOO, 2nd to comment :D

  • stiiiaan [ 03Mar11]

    hi, really great game, but would be nice if you made so pepole can search for user levels by name and creator :)

  • Rob [ 03Mar11]

    Thanks everybody, glad people are enjoying the game :)

    @ stiiiaan, yes I agree that would be a good feature. Unfortunately it’s not a feature that I can implement at the moment because the level storing is handled by a third party which doesn’t allow me to search. We do have a challenge a friend feature though which is pretty cool. So if you complete a level you can press ‘challenge a friend’ which will allow you to post a link to facebook. Then if you click on that link it automatically loads up the level so it’s a way of sending it to your friends. It currently doesn’t seem to be working properly but we’ll have a fix sorted shortly.

  • col_96 [ 05Mar11]

    hambos awsome you should concder making it an iphone app

  • Ben [ 06Mar11]

    Hey Rob, just a quick question, im just starting up using actionscript and subsequently flash, since you pretty much know the program like the back of your hand, how long did it take you to create a game of such caliber?

  • Rob [ 06Mar11]

    It will vary from game to game. Hambo was a relatively quick project that we finished up in about 2-3 weeks. A game like The Legend of the Golden Robot takes longer, more like 6-8 weeks I’d say.

  • Bane Williams [ 16Mar11]

    Hi there, loving all of your games! – You need to make it so I can restart the level at the win screen if I’m trying for gold OR tell me how much gold is at the start of the level.

  • Rob [ 16Mar11]

    Thanks bane. You can go back out to the level select screen from the win screen if you want to play the level again (by pressing ‘back’ in the top right). Also, it does tell you how much you need for gold on each level at the bottom of the screen.

  • humble user [ 20Mar11]

    Nice game. Some levels were tricky. Some levels were funny, especially those with moving hambo (ninja pig!) Is there any achievements unlockable?

    Thank you.

  • Rob [ 20Mar11]

    No sorry, no unlockable achievements in this one.

  • zzirGrizz [ 30Mar11]

    Haha should have a sniper mode that would be cool

  • Benn [ 05May11]

    Is there anyway to get more levels once you’ve completed the story mode???

  • Rob [ 05May11]

    Yes! There are currently about 100,000 user created levels and more are being made all the time! You can get to them from the main menu. You can also make your own if you want.

  • Benn [ 06May11]

    Thank You M8 I Loev Them :)

  • Benn Wilson [ 16Jul11]

    Haha Comment above has the same name as me XD,
    Why is it when ever i try and save my own custom level it dont same but all my friends do any help??

  • Auntie J [ 16Aug11]

    Why am I unable to access the user levels? Is it due to the server being extremely busy? :(
    I really enjoy this game – good on ye, youth!

  • Rob [ 17Aug11]

    Hi Auntie J, I just checked and it seems you are right, user levels aren’t working properly. Unfortunately we’re using an external system for the user levels and sometimes it goes down and there isn’t much we can do about it. All being well they should be back up and working soon.

  • micah [ 29Oct12]


  • epicdude11 [ 18Jan13]

    hambo it soo epic!!!

  • naufal [ 15Sep13]

    the game is very good


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