Hambo 2: Hamtouchables

February 16th, 2012 Games Tags: , , , ,

As promised Hambo 2 is now out! In this sequel you and your sidekick Bacon are detectives out to bust Pig Capone’s chops.

We wanted to make a bit of effort for this sequel rather than just stick some extra levels in so we changed up the theme (gotta keep my artist, robotJAM, busy)!

Gangster pigs sounded like a fun idea so we went with that. We also threw in a few new weapons and some extra puzzle features like wormholes. Yeah… they don’t really fit into the story but every game is made better with wormholes right?

This game has all the physics based fun that the first one had to offer: 36 levels, medals to be won, user levels + editor for those who want more. Hope you like it!

Thanks also to my brother, John and Rob’s friend Cathy McBurney for helping out with some level designing.

8 Responses to “Hambo 2: Hamtouchables”

  • Dragon303 [ 18Feb12]

    Gets a slight bit boring after 10

  • KILLERFLAG [ 19Feb12]

    i like this man

  • Madis [ 24Mar12]

    Really like new graphics! Still, a bit feedback:
    * Please add search to users’ levels
    * Make it not possible to put more than 2 wormholes (instead of error

  • annu [ 03May12]


  • loe you [ 17Aug12]

    you me :) come or :D

  • nudhin999 [ 11Aug13]


  • naufal [ 15Sep13]

    the game is very good

  • AntonioPiva [ 22Feb19]

    thanks for this amazing game . I’ve really enjoyed but what about adding brench?


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