Falling Elephants

We made Falling Elephants a long time ago (shortly after we released Bad Eggs). We never published it because we knew it was just a simple little game and sponsors didn’t seem too interested.

So it has just sat there accumulating dust all these months (well, my mum has been addicted to it and still plays it occasionally apparently!).

Until now!

We’ve decided that it’s about time we released it and just put it out there with our own branding in it. It’s an addictive simple casual game where you drop elephants and match colours and there are bonuses like lightning and bombs. It’s a nice little timewaster and it’s fun trying to set a high score.

It also has an awesome catchy soundtrack courtesy of Mr. Gee

I’m still waiting for someone to beat my score (currently 35,408)! So come on, get on it.

21 Responses to “Falling Elephants”

  • jaimejaimejaime [ 26Jun13]

    hola grasias por los juegos

  • Blazho [ 27Sep13]

    what i get from this :D ?

  • Nustix [ 16Nov13]

    Nice game quite OK

  • grete [ 03Feb14]

    how long did you play it to get that much points ? I got 10,716 points

  • grete [ 03Feb14]

    i got 16,880 points now

  • quentin [ 19Feb14]

    mdr trop cool

  • ravelinokece [ 09Apr14]


  • myszka0308 [ 19Apr14]


  • MARLON6 [ 30Apr14]


  • Problems [ 03May14]

    Doesn’t load, could someone please check it out and try to fix it?

  • PebbllesPebblles [ 30Jun15]

    cool game!!!

  • franciscometrall [ 29Jul15]

    esta de lo mas lol

  • jay [ 03Oct15]

    awesome! but really? elephants? if they were the real size they would make you lose if you put down 1 elephant.

  • BAsil [ 08Nov15]

    i need it for free

  • CAT_FrostByte [ 15Sep16]

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  • gammerplays192os [ 30Sep16]



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