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BubbleBot was a small project that I made as I started to learn a bit more about animation in Flash. Up until then I had been animating frame by frame (or at least attempting to) but I learned from robotJAM that there is a much easier way to animate in Flash, using tweens. Tweens allow you to set the start and end point of an animation and it will fill in the details in the middle. This can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it properly and you can achieve great results. In this game the menus were animated in this way as well as the movement of the character.

The game itself is again pretty simple but I actually found it really fun so I was a bit disappointed (although perhaps not all that surprised) that it did so poorly. The main complaint is that it’s a very short game but for me that was one of its appealing features.

I tend to prefer casual games that you can just jump right into and don’t have to worry about learning how to play the game, you just know instinctively. On its first play the game will be pretty challenging because you have no idea what to do but you quickly find out and want to go back and get better at it each time.

At least that’s how I felt… perhaps it didn’t leave such a great impression on most people although I got quite a few favourable comments on it from people who had enjoyed playing.

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