Brain Waves

November 11th, 2010 Games Tags: , , ,

It’s been a while since I’ve released a game so it feels great to be getting another one out there but it’s not because I haven’t been busy! In the time since I released The Dreamerz I have in fact finished four games that are all in various stages of being released. Oddly enough Brain Waves was the last of those four to be made but it is the first to be released. Sometimes sponsorship deals can take a while to finalise and then the sponsor might want to wait to release the game. Also most sponsors seem to ask for a period of exclusivity where the game only appears on their site before it goes live. All that can mean that it can take a while for games to actually get released.

Brain Waves on the other hand went from idea to release in around two weeks which is a pretty speedy development cycle. The other games that will appear on here soon were far bigger projects and took a considerable amount of designing, creating and bug testing before they could be deemed ready for release.

As a result we (robotJAM and myself) wanted to do a much simpler project that we could finish quickly before getting stuck into the next big project (which incidentally is already under way). We drew inspiration from other simple but effective games that often involve several minigames in an attempt to make something that was fun, challenging and competitive. We had seen some other games that involved reaction/skill tests that seemed like they had potential but were generally lacking and we felt we could do better.

We put together a series of minigames that we felt would test people and bring out their competitive side. Leaderboards and facebook integration were a must for this kind of game to enable players to compete with other people around the globe as well as their friends. This is the first time I have attempted to integrate a game with facebook and (with help) it seemed very simple to set it up so that you could post a score to your facebook account (although it must be said that I didn’t play a very big part in setting that up! I have Rob and another developer he often works with, Long Animals, to thank for that).

Anyway, enough waffling, I hope you enjoy playing and competing in Brain Waves! Make sure you post some scores to facebook. I look forward to seeing what kind of impact that might have on the viral spread of the game.

P.S. Stay tuned for my new releases which will be updated soon. Toxers is my biggest game so far in all respects and will hopefully be going up tomorrow.

11 Responses to “Brain Waves”

  • v. e. mayfield [ 02Dec10]

    I am developing the lost of memory and many other things associated with old age. I find Brain Waves is a delightful challenge and it stimulates my mind.

  • kayla [ 10Dec10]

    what is the name of the game music its very calming?

  • humble user [ 20Mar11]

    awesome! my only regret is that i got low score (48) in multitask :(
    i got the figures right, but how do i input the results?

  • Rob [ 20Mar11]

    Just click on the right answer.

  • silenotunce [ 06Jul11]

    Alright, but too easy. First time through I got over 80% in every test, including a gold and a platinum. I got 100% on my second try on perception. I know the types of games you are copying with this so I will say that your tests are a bit different. But a lot of those the games scale as you get better. I understand that part if it is the limitations of flash.

    Just a general note. I love your work. I’m gradually playing through all your stuff here and it’s interesting to see how you’ve developed. I’m gladly awaiting your next new game.

  • Marie [ 03Aug11]

    This game is the best i get better at all the challenges… everytime =]

  • Question [ 06May12]

    what kind of music in the background ?

  • Steven Carr [ 15Jun12]

    I love Brain Games.

  • Mauricio [ 01Aug12]

    have any game for concentration/focus?

  • Ash [ 12Jul14]

    i got a 85% high score but they are not submit my score on facebook.

  • from china [ 08Jul17]

    It`s wonderful!!!!


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