Bad Viking Rebrand

September 17th, 2012 Articles Tags: , , , ,

I just realised that I never mentioned here that we decided to rebrand my Bad Viking site recently. It started out as a portal site for games from around the web but I found that I was far more interested in focusing on making games and running a portal as well just wasn’t feasible. Gradually it just became neglected to the extent that I stopped putting any games up there.

Not long ago however we decided that it was about time we did something with it since we’ve always thought that the Bad Viking brand is pretty cool. We’ve also started to dip into the world of multiplayer games so we wanted to have a home for all these games with a centralised login system. It also means that we have a place that we can showcase our other games.

So here’s our new site, redesigned by John:

We just wanted something simple and functional for the time being but we’re working on a new multiplayer game and once that’s ready we’ll get to work setting up Bad Viking so that people can register to play the game on there.

4 Responses to “Bad Viking Rebrand”

  • xcaliber33 [ 29Sep13]

    i like bad eggs

  • john [ 29Apr14]

    l love bad egg online 1 and 2

  • dillian [ 15Apr15]

    this is the best game I have ever played

  • jefherson [ 02Sep15]



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