Bad Eggs Online T-Shirts now available

April 9th, 2012 Articles Tags: , , , ,

Further to a recent thread on our forum about Bad Eggs T-shirts we’ve decided to put it into action. We’ve been thinking about it for a while but haven’t got round to it until now…

We’re using a site called Spreadshirt to allow us to provide this service which means that all printing/payment/delivery is handled by them (so any complaints on that side of things must go to them, we’re just providing the designs).

There are currently two designs (we may add more if people like them) in a big variety of colours as well as male/female tees.

There are two stores, a US and UK (+Europe) version, so pick the link that most applies to you:
US store
UK store

A link to Bad Eggs Online in case you don’t know what I’m talking about: Bad Eggs Online

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  • khaloul [ 16Jun12]


  • nick [ 29Nov14]

    i really enjoy bad eggs 2, however, i am wondering how to get free credits on bad eggs 2, is theres way to get free credits except for completing servey?

  • ScarletSpider [ 09Nov16]

    Hello I am commenting to tell you my Bad eggs online 2 account has been hacked twice and I don’t know what to do

  • ScarletSpider [ 09Nov16]

    Can you please tell me how I can stop people from hacking my Bad Eggs Online 2 account?


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