Bad Eggs Online is in Beta

September 12th, 2011 Articles Tags: , , ,

I’m excited to announce the beta launch of my latest game, Bad Eggs Online.

Bad Eggs Online is my first ever multiplayer game (hence the beta launch). It’s an artillery game along the same lines as Scorched Earth and Worms so it’s a tried and tested style of gameplay but we have approached the genre in our own unique way.

You play as eggs in our game and (if you create an account) you can level your egg up and unlock new shells to play as and new weapons to cause even more destruction. There are also over 100 challenges to complete in the game and for each one you will unlock a new badge so wear those hard to get ones with pride!

We’re very interested in hearing your feedback in this beta period so I look forward to hearing what you think. And please feel free to invite your friends to play against you if you can’t find anyone to play against! Since we’re just launching it is to be expected that you may not be able to join a game right away but as the word spreads that should change so we’d really appreciate your support.

Click here to play the game.

Rob Donkin

35 Responses to “Bad Eggs Online is in Beta”

  • epic joe [ 01Oct11]

    hey, nice GAME!!

  • Rob [ 02Oct11]

    Thanks epic joe – epic name btw :)

  • Eggz Destroyerz [ 11Oct11]

    wow,cool this game,but…………i need all pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eplosive [ 15Oct11]

    hello i,m name is patrick schuur i,m will beta zijn

  • Zaught [ 08Nov11]

    Awesome game :)

  • alec livfyeman [ 15Nov11]

    i need help for my user name i worote my actual name and i need a new user name cause i dont want ppl knowing me plz help

  • stephanie rodriguez [ 20Nov11]

    waz up …nice game

  • caleb [ 22Nov11]

    i payed for 100 points so i could buy stuff in the store on bad eggs but the points didnt show up is threre a way for you to give me creds on there i payed my user name on bad eggs is BAD NINJA

  • Rob [ 23Nov11]

    I have already emailed you and am waiting for a reply. Please don’t post stuff like this in the comments section. There are many ways to get in touch with me such as the contact form on this site or on the Bad Eggs site or through the forum on Bad Eggs.

  • themaix [ 08Dec11]

    hey i am level 1000000000000000000000000000000000

  • omar [ 22Dec11]

    what pack isthe best???
    the pack 5 no???
    you can win credits free?

  • satyam [ 17Feb12]

    iloove bad eggs online i am a indian i have an id inbadegsonline

  • miroslav [ 21Feb12]

    give me 2000 credits for bad eggs online

  • kake [ 29Feb12]

    i love bad eggs i have evry wepon pack and pro

  • eggsleo [ 03Mar12]

    para todos aquellos que hablen español, les digo que en lo personal “Bad Eggs Online” en uno de los mejores juegos en linea que he jugado, es divertido y adictivo, ya que conforme juegas, vas ganando experiencia y evolucionando, ganas nuevas armas, tu egg-player va cambiendo de acuerdo a tu experiencia y ademas te permite conocer y encontrar nuevos amigos de diferentes paises, en verdad se los recomiendo y suerte en su evolucion.

  • Bharat [ 13Mar12]

    give me onlu 500 credits

  • diya [ 19Mar12]

    why credits can’t be earned freely??? it should have been like you earn 5credits with every level passed.. that’s not fair.. those who pay get the weapons packs and win easily.. and for those who can’t pay just stay with the same weapon all throughout the game.. i think you should innovate more.. but overall the game is super duper nice.. thanks!!!

  • Pranav Verma [ 06Apr12]

    i want free credits of bad eggs game

  • anthony [ 14Apr12]

    soy el mejor

  • LuxRaptor [ 08Jun12]

    Game is AWESOME, I play it every day. And if you can, give us some free credits, because its not fair that someone have all weapon packs.

  • most of you are noobs [ 21Jun12]

    i have all packs and pro and the red and green dragon and ninja im mooooooooooooooo

  • REnce [ 01Jul12]

    HEy Rob I love this game it is a very Unique game of its kind I would say.
    But it is a Very Awesome game of its kind most of all :D
    Thnx forthe nice games I completedyour villain game thingy 2 xP

  • josef 94 [ 21Jul12]

    Hallo, please please please pleas give me please 100 credits plz .

  • ian [ 25Jul12]

    I love the game,I´ve benn playing it for a while now and never grew tired of it. However, i want to know if there will be “promotions” to get more free credits.

  • KUBRA [ 14Aug12]


  • osman [ 28Aug12]

    this is best game i ever play . i think there be no use of credit
    and when win battle 100 u get 100 credit this be happen because i don,t have credit card and i can,t buy weapon pack and shells

  • thomas [ 28Aug12]

    can you make 4v4

  • destroyer z [ 07Oct12]

    how can i get credits and give me 10000 credits

  • freddie [ 21Nov12]

    ye cool gme rob will there be any more levels after5stars level 80 ive been on that level a long time now plz rob or john ive got all packs andall shells still got 100 credits leftbut ive got2times xp got ethreything unless there will be some more out very very very soon

  • Josh [ 05Jun13]

    Rob can u email me i need tot talk in private

  • elias pineda [ 18Jul13]

    como conseguir pack 5

  • travis [ 01Feb14]

    give me every thing

  • travis1234 [ 14Aug15]

    i want 2000 credits please.

  • renem302713 [ 12Feb17]

    i want 1000 credits

  • hi007 [ 30Mar17]

    this is a alsome game I am on level 45! but I need more maps


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