Animal Raceway

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Animal Raceway is another collaboration with artist RobotJAM. Pick your animal and train them up so that they can compete with the other animals in their league. Progress through the leagues to try and win the premier league.

This one’s all about the training mini-games and upgrading your stats. The actual race part is a simulation and is entirely dependent on your statistics. There’s a bit of strategy involved in picking which race to run in as well as you get a choice of two. Make sure you pick the race that will best match your strengths.

The main difficulty in making this game was coming up with the mini-games and making sure that they were all fairly evenly balanced. Then setting the difficulty of the other competitors and maintaining a challenge as you progress to new leagues was another important consideration. I think on reflection we did a reasonable job of the difficulty and balance although early feedback does suggest that perhaps some of the mini-games aren’t so balanced (it seems that some players find reactions and speed games easier than others). But I still don’t think that that really detracts from the game too much and actually I think it’s pretty fun to play.

The music in the game was done by Brian Holmes and I hope you’ll agree that he did a fantastic job.

P.s. Stay tuned for Blow Things Up 2! Should be going live next Thursday.

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  • Boris Peace [ 14May11]


    I’ve played the game on, and I have some suggestions:

    1) Make the items you buy from the shop unequipable. Sometimes I want to race with nothing on, so this one is really important imo.

    2) Make the game longer OR harder. The final opponents should be over 900 total points. OR make us face the ultimate racer, who has around 1000 stats (or 990) which make the races more exciting. The main problem is that, no-one would bother upgrading stat after a while.

    3) Put an achievement (medal) called 4-digits, given when you reach 1000 on any stat.

    4) Add longer races, up to 2000 meters.

    5) Seperate Reaction and Acceleration into two. Acceleration should have its own mini-game. This would give us more options to choose from.

    6) Add a speedmeter while racing so we can see the speed of our racer, and decide our next steps accordingly (investing gold into Speed or Acceleration or Stamina)

    Just some thought that came to my mind (:

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Mark [ 13Aug11]

    Wicked game, loved it. 10/10

  • matt eudale [ 11Feb12]

    stop chating long from may 2011 beacau it is very long for me to read your chattings

  • Neo [ 07Sep12]


  • brejas [ 21Jan13]

    super game

  • Dexter [ 28Aug14]

    I really enjoyed the game. This proves that graphics is not all that matters.

  • Pharrell [ 04Mar20]



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